Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Product placement

On days when I have class, I'm at school for 11 hours. Usually that's Monday and Wednesday, but they rescheduled classes to today because we missed yesterday (President's Day). Because I'm not going to have time to cook today, I'm going to cheat a bit and just tell you about a product I've come to absolutely LOVE.

My drink of choice is usually green tea, or some sort of flavored water. However, these have a lot of sugar. With my IBS, I'm not allowed any artificial sweeteners, so I can't just switch to the sugar free kinds. With that in mind, I've found my liquid soulmate in SoBe 0 calorie Life Water. No sugar, no calories, and the sweetener is derived from the stevia plant: No aspartame here! My pick: Fuji Apple Pear. Refreshing, with just a hint of tartness.

Alright, class is about to begin (again), so that's all for today. I'll shoot for an actual recipe next time!

***Addendum - I realized after I posted this that I'm not cheating. I never said this would just be recipes***

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