Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back to Basics

I know that everyone's IBS is different. However, it might be helpful to some people if I give a list of what I can and cannot eat. So here goes:


~Meat fat
~rare-medium well meat
~dark meat poultry
~fresh fruits
~fresh vegetables
~whole grains
~high fiber
~spicy foods
~egg yolks
~aspartame, stevia, etc

There are some exceptions to the above, and with that in mind, I CAN EAT:

~lean meats (ex - I have to cut every piece of fat off of chicken breasts, pork, etc, and I have to drain my 93% lean ground beef with paper towels at least twice)
~well-done burgers and steaks
~soy meat substitutes (bacos,etc)
~white meat turkey dogs
~white fish (tilapia, cod, etc)
~fruits and vegetables without skins or seeds that have been cooked (ex - applesauce, peeled broccoli stems, seedless jam)
~white rice
~most white flour products (pasta, angel food cake, etc)
~potatoes (or any kind of starch)
~egg whites
~sugar (ex - maple candy)
~the only artificial sweetener I seem to be able to take is Splenda
~dairy products (many people with IBS cannot have these - I'm very lucky)


~I use applesauce and egg whites instead of oil and eggs when I bake
~An alternative is to pour a can of pop into a boxed cake mix - it takes the place of everything the box says to put in
~frosting is made by pouring a packet of instant pudding mix into a tub of fat free cool-whip. Put it in the fridge and let it sit for an hour or two, and it will coalesce into a nice, fluffy frosting
~for mashed potatoes, heat a cup of milk and dissolve a tsp of chicken bouillon granules into it. Stir into potatoes to give flavor without butter.
~Chicken bouillon can be used in place of oil and butter in a lot of other ways too.
~Days when I think I can't eat anything, the one thing I can take is white rice cooked in chicken bouillon and ginger. I make huge batches of this when I'm feeling well so that I have it when I'm not.

Everyone is different, but hopefully this will be helpful to someone who's just found out what they have and need some guidance.

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